1991 is when Paul "Good Neighbor" Baker began performing dark gothic cold wave music, In bar rooms, living rooms and music halls around the greater Phx area. Originally as the first bassist in the well received Az. goth band “second skin”. The brainchild of veteran batman Arron Shanker. This lineup included a young musical savant (fresh outta high school ) named Mark Erickson. The groups original lineup consisted of James Taylor on rhythm guitar, Ryan Reamer, on piano/sequences/samplers. The first incarnation of the skins, released 2 well received efforts- their 1993 debut E.P. “the scourging and the crowning” followed by the 1994 full length “Hymn's for the hallow” on the then newly formed Euphoria record label. "second skin" remains the brainchild of veteran frontman Arron Shanker & continuous to torment the southwest to this day. 


In 1996 Erickson & Baker splintered off into the more electronic project “Blueshift” fronted by “In scarlett & vile” frontman Kurt Lorenz. This effort (though short-lived) ultimately provided massive amounts of material that was later recycled into Erickson’s Indie power trio “colorstore” featuring again, Paul Baker on bass & Casper, Wyoming cow punk legend's “One good eye” drummer Mikey Coatney. 

In 2000, the first line up of "colorstore" disbanded,  yet Erickson went on to receive great reviews upon releasing the E.P. “Heavy sleeps” followed by the full length “when we float the river” both consisting primarily of material written by its original lineup. Following Baker & Coatney’s departure, Erickson went on to incorporate “Jimmy eats world” pianist Robin Vining’s  group “the sweetbleeders” as his backing band, creating somewhat of a local supergroup that left the world with 2 beautiful follow up L.P.'s 

“The legend of Mohagany Cass”  &  “Afire” 

Tragically In 2012, these would prove to be Mark Erickson’s final recorded works. 

You can still access the entire "colorstore" catalog here. 


During this time, shortly after his departure from "colorstore", in 2002 ,Paul Baker founded “the tremulants” with former “Loud Americans” frontman- the late Marco Holt. That E.P. “Baby don’t let go” most notably featured an original oil to canvas cover painting by americana sci-fi surrealist master Dwayne Brent Hall. 


After a personal hiatus from music, surrounding the birth of his youngest, Paul Baker returned to the Az. music scene in 2007, alongside “Battlescar Tarantula” guitarist Jeremy Marcanti, violinist Laura Dudley & local Az drum fixture Bob Taylor on percussion. This project saw Baker once again thumping out original bass lines, & acquiring the nickname “Good Neighbor” for the Americana roots quartet “Hashknife Outfit” on their debut L.P. “Front porch swing”. 


This album was produced by "Andrew Jackson Jihad"/ "Necronauts" engineer Jalipaz Nelson, out of his "Audio confusion studios" in Mesa Az. 


In 2009, approaching 20 years working in music, Baker, with a variable who’s who of players from around Denver, started the live collaborative project "Good neighbor's tent city drifters" during a early acoustic residency at the historic Colfax Denver venue "the Lions Lair " up until the end of 2017 when Paul “Goodneighbor” Baker’ begin this latest project-


Performing everything today as a one person performance of original neofolk/electronic post punk protest experimentation. REDWING BLACKBIRD released its debut song on its home page “Capitalist hands”on inauguration day 2017, in protest of the new American nationalist movement. 

  R.W.B.B.'s first volume (of an envisioned trilogy) is called“too Klaus for comfort”  forecasted to drop later in 2019.

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