Latest single Swallow you Down 

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Fire Cleans Everything E.P. (recorded in 08/2020)

Too Klaus For Comfort

"Powerful yet just understated enough to become a cult classic."” - Sean Melody


Coupled with the album’s synth- and guitar-driven sound and Paul Baker’s vocals, which fall somewhere between Peter Murphy and Ian Curtis, the title evokes a certain Joy Division-for-smart-asses tone present throughout the record. Baker, the sole member of the Denver goth/death-rock/protest/post-punk project Redwing Blackbird, says he is making a point about the state of the world and tying it to Dick’s dystopia.” - John Bear

-Denver Westward

So I’m not sure what is happening in Colorado but everything I hear from that state is blowing me away. Paul Baker has put together this self aware album full of camp, and spiraling darkness. Almost a batcave goth meets 90’s britpop.” - Ken Magerman


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