Coupled with the album’s synth- and guitar-driven sound and Paul Baker’s vocals, which fall somewhere between Peter Murphy and Ian Curtis, the title evokes a certain Joy Division-for-smart-asses tone present throughout the record. Baker, the sole member of the Denver goth/death-rock/protest/post-punk project Redwing Blackbird, says he is making a point about the state of the world and tying it to Dick’s dystopia.” - John Bear

-Denver Westward

So I’m not sure what is happening in Colorado but everything I hear from that state is blowing me away. Paul Baker has put together this self aware album full of camp, and spiraling darkness. Almost a batcave goth meets 90’s britpop.” - Ken Magerman


Klaus is upon us. 

Too Klaus for comfort drops Nov 1. Cover art was commissioned by artist Tara Sharpe (see homepage) you can learn more about this amazing talent & access her beautiful work @ 

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