Midnight 5/07/2021 marks the release of HUMANZ & The Silver Vessel on Label recordings!

Midnight marks the the release of the first two tracks, from my sophomore full length "HUMAN Z & The Silver Vessel" 

The first two tracks appear here & exclusively on Michigan's "Label Recordings" 

tonight @ midnight Mt time. 5/7/2021 


Meaning, I am writing recording brand new material as it comes to me. 

I will be releasing 2 tracks monthly between now & Halloween. 

These first 2 I wrote & tracked 1 week ago, finished mix last night & released to 

Label president Joshua McAlilster for art, mastering & release. 

Some vocal takes were recorded in a tunnel @ 3 am beneath the Colorado 36 freeway (between Denver & Boulder) using a field recording setup for its natural reverb qualities. 

I implore all to Invite your friends, family & lovers to these results! think of it sorta as an Evel Knievel approach to electropunk/deathrock, as I continue to track various instrumentation in bizarre yet beautiful sounding locations around Colorado & beyond. More importantly 

Thank you for you current & past support, 

Love to you all 

Paul B & Bob Barker

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